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2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog

Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures

IUP is committed to the safety and security of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Therefore, the decision as to whether university classes or programs and events will be held during period of adverse weather conditions is based on the overall concern for the university community.

There is an important distinction between the decision to cancel classes and the decision to close the university. When classes are canceled, staff, managers, administrators, and faculty members whose responsibilities lie outside the classroom are expected to report to work. Employees choosing not to report to work when classes are canceled will be charged paid leave time–either annual, personal leave, or leave without pay–and must submit leave.

The president has the authority to cancel classes and events or to close the university. The decision to close the university will be made only under the most extreme circumstances. If the decision is made to close the university, only essential employees, as notified by their supervisor, will be required to report to work.

Information about the status of the university is always available on the IUP website, ans a link to the Emergency Information page is located at the bottom of every page.

In the event of cancellation of classes or events, or closure of the university, employees should go to the IUP website ( or call the IUP Information Line at 724-357-7538. Local media outlets (WDAD-AM 1450) and the Indiana Gazette may include information about cancellations or closures, but the most reliable source of information is the IUP website, IUP social media, or IUP Information Line.

IUP Emergency Notification System subscribers will receive a text message in the event of cancellations or closures.

The university’s Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures are available under Human Resources Policies. Questions regarding the university’s Inclement Weather Policy may be directed to the Office of Human Resources, 724-357-2431.

The president has the authority to cancel or postpone IUP-sponsored or hosted activities or events due to inclement weather conditions or other environmental factors that may jeopardize the safety of patrons traveling to or from the event. If a decision is made to cancel or postpone the activity or event, the vice president of the sponsoring division will assume responsibility for notifying activity or event participants of the cancellation or postponement in an appropriate and timely manner.