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2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog

Night Exam Policy

All tests, examinations, and quizzes should normally be administered during the prescribed course hours. Deviations to allow night exams for valid educational reasons, within the guidelines listed below, must be approved by the department and the dean. This policy does not include final exams. For more information on final exams, refer to the final exam policy.


  1. Night exams can only be scheduled on Monday through Thursday evenings within the 6:00-10:00 p.m. time period.
  2. Appropriate physical facilities must be arranged in advance without encroachment upon other authorized university functions.
  3. If night exams are to be given, the day of the week on which they will be given must be listed in the course schedule on MyIUP before registration.
  4. No night exam can take precedence over a regularly scheduled class.
  5. Arrangements for nonpunitive makeup exams at a mutually agreeable time must be available for students who cannot attend the night exam.
  6. For each hour of night exams, an hour of regularly scheduled class time will be canceled. Such cancellations are prohibited for two class days immediately preceding or immediately following holiday and/or vacation periods and/or semester terminations, as published in the academic calendar.