May 21, 2024  
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog

Double Major Policy

Students meeting the requirements of two majors can obtain a double major (one diploma). Students who wish to receive two diplomas, one for each degree, must complete a minimum of 150 credits and follow the University’s Dual Baccalaureate Degrees Policy.

The application for the double major must be completed by the student, at which time the student must declare one of the majors to be the primary major. The degree for the primary major (BS or BA) will be the degree designation that appears on the transcript and the diploma. The second major will appear on the transcript as the secondary major earned.

Students pursuing a double major will be required to fulfill all Liberal Studies, College, and Major requirements for the primary major and only the Major requirements for the secondary major with the exception of the Colleges of Business and Education which have required professional core requirements.

If students after declaring a double major decide to pursue only one of the majors, they will need to rescind their decision to pursue a double major in order to graduate by filing the appropriate form found on the registrar’s website or on MyIUP. Students should consult with their advisors prior to making this decision. On this form, students will need to declare what their single major will be. Students will then need to fulfill the Liberal Studies, College and Major requirements of that single major.