Aug 17, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Change of Major

Before seeking a change of major, the student should consult with the departmental chair (or chair’s designee) of the new major concerning admission and program requirements and the mapping of existing credits into the new curriculum.

To qualify for a change of major, a student must be in academic good standing (2.00 cumulative GPA). This requirement does not apply to students in their first semester at IUP without a GPA. All students must meet any other requirements specific to the new major, including program-specific admission requirements. All teacher certification programs have requirements beyond a 2.00 GPA. Please refer to the individual college sections in this catalog for change of major policies.

Students not in academic good standing (having a cumulative GPA less than 2.00) may petition to change their major with the college dean or designee (e.g., academic standards officer) of the college they wish to enter. After assessing the potential for academic success in the new major, the college dean or designee may grant the change of major.

Students with One Major

A student who has one primary major must apply for a change of major online through MyIUP under Academics/Academic Record, Change of Primary Major.

Student with Secondary or Tertiary Major

A student wanting to add or change a secondary or tertiary major must obtain and complete the appropriate paper application from the department of the new major. Note: the online application is for a student who has one primary major only.

Additional Information

In cases involving students who are veterans, the dean (or dean’s designee) of the new major shall give the veteran a statement of prospective approval and the effective date of the proposed changes. This statement shall also indicate the amount of extended time the change of major will entail, if any. The veteran shall take this statement to the Military and Veterans Resource Center at least one month before the effective date of change. No change of major shall be made by veterans until VA approval has been assured.