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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Policy on Semester Course Syllabi

A syllabus is a document that specifies the expectations and requirements of a given course and protects the interests of faculty and students.

Each course instructor shall distribute a course syllabus, without charge, to each student by the first day of the course. The syllabus may be distributed in hard copy or electronic formats. The syllabus will be consistent with the course content and catalog description approved by the University Senate.

Each syllabus shall contain the following, unless otherwise noted:

1. Instructor Contact Information

  • Name and office location
  • IUP e-mail address
  • Office phone, if available
  • Schedule of office hours. Note: Full time faculty must maintain a minimum of five office hours per week spread across three days. For online courses, the method and times for instructor availability to consult with students must be included.

2. Course Information

  • Title, number, and section of the course
  • Meeting times and building/room location
  • Catalog or course description
  • Prerequisites, as appropriate
  • Learning objectives, specific to discipline or department.

3. Course Materials

  • Required book(s) with title, author, edition, and ISBN
  • Other required materials, technologies, or software to be purchased or made available to students
  • A list of readings, as appropriate
  • Information on learning management systems and delivery modes (e.g., D2L, Moodle, Zoom), as appropriate.

4. Course Requirements

  • Outline of topics
  • Description of course assignments and dates for major assignments and tests
  • Listed culminating activity, such as a final examination. Note: Each course shall have a culminating activity given during the scheduled final examination period. ​

5. Grading Information

  • Description and listing of the grading components (e.g., quiz, midterm, final examination, term papers, homework, class participation, etc.) and the relative contributions of assignments/activities/participation to the final grade
  • Description of the grading scale.

6. Course Policies and Statements

Syllabi shall contain the following policies and statements:

  • Policy on course attendance. The policy must be consistent with IUP’s policies on Undergraduate and Graduate Course Attendance, Bereavement-related Class Absences, and Anticipated Class Absence for University Representation and Participation, available at https://www.iup.edu/registrar/catalog/
  • Policy on class disruption, consistent with IUP Undergraduate and Graduate Policies on Class Disruption available at https://www.iup.edu/registrar/catalog/
  • Complete text on Title IX and Protection of Minors Compliance required by the Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education, available at https://www.iup.edu/socialequity/policies/title-ix/ 
  • Statement on academic integrity, consistent with IUP Undergraduate and Graduate Policies on Academic Integrity, available at https://www.iup.edu/registrar/catalog/
  • Statement on accommodations for students with disabilities, consistent with IUP’s mission and vision on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, available at www.iup.edu/disabilitysupport.

Syllabi should contain the following policies and statements as best practices:

  • Policy on student participation. The policy should include language regarding what constitutes participation and how participation or lack of participation may impact the student’s grade.
  • Policy, including penalties if appropriate, on make-up exams and late submission of assignments.
  • Statement that IUP email is IUP’s official means of communicating with the student during the course.
  • The following statement on use of plagiarism detection services: “IUP is committed to the fundamental values of academic integrity. Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarly endeavors and behaviors; it means that academic work must be the result of an individual’s own effort. To assist instructors in detecting plagiarism, and to protect students from plagiarism, your written work may be submitted to a detection service that reviews submitted material for originality of content.”
  • Additional instructor policies as appropriate.