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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry, BS (including Traditional, Applied, Pre-medical, Pre-pharmacy, and Chemistry Education) [CHEM-BS]

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Website: www.iup.edu/chemistry

Chemistry is a field that has historically enjoyed very strong career possibilities. Many students are employed directly after their undergraduate education by the chemical, pharmaceutical or related industries, in jobs that have excellent career prospects. Graduate school in chemistry or biochemistry usually includes very generous financial support, and can lead to outstanding career paths in industry, government or academic areas. These opportunities are available to students completing any of the concentrations in the Chemistry B.S., and graduates of these programs have gone on to industrial leadership positions, and some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country.

The Traditional Chemistry concentration is designed for students intending a career in chemistry and is certified by the American Chemical Society. The advanced courses in the Traditional Chemistry concentration reflect trends in the modern field of chemistry, and the requirements are flexible enough to allow students to tailor the degree program to their specific needs and interests. There is also a strong laboratory component in the Traditional Chemistry concentration, which gives the student excellent hands-on preparation for the challenges of employment or graduate school. An internship program with local chemical companies is available, and the credits from this internship can be counted to meet some of the program requirements.

The Applied Chemistry concentration is designed not only for students intending a career in chemistry, but also for those students interested in cross-disciplinary fields that involve chemistry. Students intending to follow a dual-degree program should work with their Chemistry adviser, as courses from their other major can count for many of the requirements in the Applied Chemistry concentration.

The Pre-medical and Pre-pharmacy concentrations of the BS degree allow students to take all courses required for entrance into their intended professional health program. Students in these tracks retain the option of: (a) attending medical or pharmacy school, (b) attending graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, or a variety of medically-related PhD programs, (c) employment in the chemistry or pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, the flexibility of the concentrations in the Chemistry BS degree allows students to change the focus of their degree program during their undergraduate experience.

The Chemistry Education concentration is a professional degree that allows students to be certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as high school chemistry teachers. However, this degree still retains the essential coursework of a chemistry degree, so these graduates will be well prepared for the demands of teaching or employment as a chemist.

Liberal Studies: 44-46

As outlined in Liberal Studies Requirements  section with the following specifications:

Major: 57-74 (1)

Controlled Electives: 20-36 (2)

Select one of the following concentrations: 

Traditional Chemistry Concentration: 30

(earns American Chemical Society certification):

Applied Chemistry Concentration: 28-35

Pre-Medical Concentration: 31 (omitting LS)

Pre-Pharmacy Concentration: 29-31 (omitting LS) (5)

Free Electives: 0-18

Total Degree Requirements: 120

(1)    Students are required to complete the DUCK exam during their last semester at IUP.

(2)    Any concentration can qualify for the Chemistry Honors Certificate.

(3)   CHEM 493  Internship in Chemistry may be used to satisfy 3cr of controlled elective or 2cr of CHEM 498 .

(4)   Students may wish to design a customized complimentary field program. Many combinations of the applied chemistry B.S. curriculum with complementary courses are possible. A customized program must contain a minimum of 15 credits. Also, any customized program must be approved by the student’s advisor and the department chair.

(5)   Students enrolled at an accredited School of Pharmacy after three years at IUP may count the following toward the requirements for the Bachelor of Science – Chemistry/Pre- Pharmacy Track: 3cr of LS social science; 12cr of required CHEM courses (see below); 15cr of free electives (total 30cr). Upon completing the first year of Pharmacy School, students electing this option are not required to take CHEM 314 , CHEM 325  and CHEM 341 . If these CHEM courses are taken, they may be counted toward the controlled elective requirement.

(6)  See requirements leading to teacher certification, titled “3-Step Process for Teacher Education.” In the College of Education and Communications  section of this catalog.

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