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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies, BA

Alan T. Baumler, Coordinator

The Committee of Asian Studies offers an interdisciplinary major and a minor to provide students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the world’s largest, most populous, and most diverse continent. Students enrolled in the Asian studies major or minor will find that the course offerings furnish excellent preparation for careers in business, government, journalism and public relations, and teaching.

To complete the Asian studies major, a student must take a minimum of 33 credits in courses dealing with Asia. All Asian studies majors must take ASIA 200  and must demonstrate at least an intermediate-level proficiency in an Asian language, doing so either by passing the intermediate sequence of one of the Asian languages offered at IUP or by demonstrating that they have acquired the equivalent proficiency level elsewhere. The remaining courses should come from “Category A: Exclusively Asia-Focused.” Students may, but do not have to, apply up to three credits from “Category B: Substantially Asia-Focused” to their degree. It is highly recommended that students complement their Asian studies degree with a minor or second major, preferably in such fields as anthropology, economics, fine arts, geography, history, international business, international studies, journalism and public relations, political science, or religious studies.

Liberal Studies: 43-44

As outlined in Liberal Studies Requirements  with the following specifications:

Mathematics: 3

Liberal Studies Elective: 3

  • No courses with CHIN or JAPN prefixes

Major: 33-34

Required Course: 3

Controlled Electives: 30cr


Intermediate Asian language: 0-4cr


Category A: Exclusively Asia-Focused: 24-30cr

(3, 4)

At least 24cr earned through the following courses:

Free Electives: 42-44

Total Degree Requirements: 120

(1) At least 12cr must be at the 300 level or higher.

(2) A student who has acquired an intermediate level of proficiency in an Asian language, but not through an accredited college program, may apply to the Asian Studies Committee to be exempt from 3cr in intermediate language instruction. Such credits in these cases are to be replaced by taking one additional Category A class. Students who take advanced-level Asian language courses at IUP or another university may apply to the program director to have such credits partially fulfill the Category A requirements.

(3) Unless given special permission by the Asian Studies Committee, no more than 9cr of courses with the same departmental prefix may count toward the major.

(4) The subject matter varies in rotating topic courses (e.g., HIST 497 , RLST 485  etc.); and special topics courses (i.e. classes numbered 281 and 481). When concerned with Asian Studies, these courses may be applied to either Category A or Category B with the approval of the Asian Studies Committee.

(5) Certain courses may require additional prerequisites