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2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog

Grading System

Grades and Quality Points

In the grading system, the following grades are used in reporting the standing of students at the end of each semester or session:

Grade Description Quality Points
A Excellent 4 quality points/credit
B Good 3 quality points/credit
C Average 2 quality points/credit
D Passed 1 quality point/credit
F Failed 0 quality points/credit
N Non-Participation Failure 0 quality points/credit
P Passed 0 quality points/credit (for credit courses only)
S Satisfactory 0 quality points (for 0-credit courses only)
U Unsatisfactory 0 quality points (for 0-credit courses only)
Other Designations (carrying no quality points):
AUD Audited Course  
EXM Examination  
FOL Portfolio Assessment
I Incomplete-For more information, see policy explanation I (Incomplete) Policy .
L Late Grade/Continuing Course-For more information, see policy explanation  L (Late Grade, Continuing Course) Policy .
OL Other Location  
Q Total Semester Withdrawal-Used before 2002 when a student had totally and officially withdrawn from the university for a given semester
R Research in progress (graduate thesis/dissertation only)
TR Transfer  
XMT Exemption  
W Withdrawal-For more information, see policy explanation Withdrawal Policies .
* Grade not reported by instructor. No grade information was reported by the end of the normal grading period.
Grades followed by the following designations indicate the application of a policy that has amended the student’s cumulative grade point average.
. Institutional Credit (credit counts toward enrollment status but does not count toward graduation or in GPA calculation)
.. Canceled Semester (see policy explanation Canceled Semester Policy )
* Fresh Start (see policy explanation Fresh Start Policy )
: Extended Credit (graduate thesis/dissertation only)